TMA Alliance members work to ensure legislators and elected officials are up to date on health issues that affect patients and the practice of medicine. 


TMA Alliance members are involved in initiatives that benefit the health of their local communities. 


Joining the TMA Alliance doesn’t just mean giving to your community. You become part of a community that gives back to you.


About the Alliance

The Texas Medical Association Alliance (TMAA) is a community of physicians, resident physicians, medical students, and their spouses/partners that provides friendship, mentorship, and personal enrichment. It offers a ready-made support system for the unique challenges of medical families – from training to residency to the working years to retirement and even death. 

TMAA, the Texas Medical Association, and county medical societies comprise the Texas Family of Medicine – a unified force passionate about protecting the future of medicine and improving the lives of Texans. They achieve these goals through advocacy, community outreach, and building connections.

Allies in Medicine; TMA Alliance Champions Physicians, Families (Texas Medicine)


Locate Your Local Alliance Chapter

The TMA Alliance has local medical alliances across the state that provide an immediate source of connection, friendship, and support within your community. TMAA members who do not reside in an area with an active local chapter may join a nearby chapter or join TMAA as a member at large and pay only state dues.

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