Nominations for 2022-23 TMAA Board of Directors
Please review the job descriptions for the open positions below before submitting nominations. Note that some positions require a 2-year commitment, as president-elect and vice presidents-elect will be elevated to president and vice president in their second year.
President-Elect (2-year term - elevated to President in following year)
  1. Participate in planning TMAA meetings with the President and President-Elect as needed.
  2. Attend TMA’s Advocacy Retreat.
  3. Attend First Tuesdays at the Capitol during legislative years.
  4. Attend TMAA business meetings, such as Fall and Winter Conference, Annual Business Meeting, and Board Retreat.
  5. Attend AMAA convention with the president and immediate past president.
  6. Throughout the year, accompany the president on county alliance visits. Observe the county leaders for consideration in making state appointments.
  7. Participate in Membership Committee meetings and other TMAA committee, subcommittee, and task force calls as needed.
  8. Attend Future Planning meeting(s), and participate in the budget subcommittee to draft the proposed budget for the next calendar year.
Vice President-Elect of Membership (2-year term - elevated to VP of Membership in following year)
  1. Establish an annual membership goal with TMAA leadership.
  2. Familiarize yourself and the membership committee with the TMAA membership strategic plan, and update the plan as needed.
  3. Identify obstacles to membership and work with TMAA leadership and staff to implement strategies and tactics to combat these issues.
  4. Develop strength in all facets of membership recruitment, retention, resident outreach, county revitalization and new county development.
  5. Assist the president, if requested, in appointing necessary committee chairs to carry out membership initiatives / strategies.
  6. Inform membership committee members of their specific responsibilities.
  7. Monitor membership data provided by TMAA staff.
  8. Assist the Vice President of Membership to plan the Regional Meeting if needed.
  9. Participate in conference calls and special meetings as needed.
  10. Attend all TMAA Board of Directors meetings.
Vice President-Elect of Fiscal Affairs (2-year term - elevated to VP of Fiscal Affairs in following year)
  1. With the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs, monitor financial books maintained by TMA.
  2. Work with TMA staff and Vice President of Fiscal Affairs to prepare treasurer’s reports and minutes for all meetings of the Finance Committee, the Council on Fiscal Affairs, and Board of Directors.
  3. Attend all TMAA Board of Directors and Finance Committee meetings.
Vice President of Community Outreach
  1. Assist TMAA staff in the organization’s communication efforts by providing content for TMA Monthly Memo, TMAA Facebook, TMAA website and other communications.
  2. Encourage county leadership to provide content and photos for use in TMAA communications in a timely manner.
  3. Help improve the image of the TMAA and raise the awareness of the impact of TMAA through its communications efforts.
  4. Encourage county alliances’ participation in TMA and TMA health initiatives and provide information and resources needed for successful implementation.
  5. Serve on the TMA Council of Health program to develop long-range plans for health initiatives, in cooperation with TMA and TMA Foundation. Three members of the Alliance sit on this council.
  6. Attend TMAA Board of Director meetings and report on TMAA community outreach activities.
Vice President of Future Planning
  1. Work with the president and TMAA staff to plan the annual Future Planning meeting agenda, format, and presentation.
  2. Evaluate and address specific aspects of the organization as identified by the TMAA President and other Board of Directors and recommend changes if necessary.
  3. Meet as necessary to formulate and provide recommendations to Board of Directors.
  4. Assist the president in assigning special task forces to research specific issues and provide a recommendation back to the council.
  5. Provide support in the form of information, education, and research.
  6. Attend TMAA annual business meetings and report on council activities.
Recording Secretary
  1. Attend Board of Directors, Annual Business Meeting, and Finance Committee meetings.
  2. Record the minutes accurately. If needed, a recording device can be used.
  3. Prepare and send minutes within five working days following each meeting to TMAA staff.  
  4. Present minutes at each Board of Directors meeting for approval.
  5. Ensure ABM minutes are sent to the reading committee for approval 10 working days after the ABM meeting.
  6. If needed, accept nomination forms for nominating committee candidates made from the floor at the Annual Business Meeting.