TMA Alliance members across the state work to improve the health of all Texans. They do this through advocacy, education, and support.

Advocacy in Action: TMAA works in partnership with TMA to provide low-cost vaccinations to children, teens, and adults; give away free helmets to children; and host weekly walking events for patients and their physician. County alliances host a variety of health-related events that make a significant impact in their communities.

The Alliance also provides the grassroots advocacy force for medicine in the legislative and political action arena. Every other year, the Alliance spearheads First Tuesdays at the Capitol – an award-winning grassroots advocacy program. They also work year-round on the legislative front to ensure their legislators and elected officials are current in health-related issues.

Education: The Alliance educate their communities about the importance of vaccinations, exercise and health, literacy, and how to safely dispose of opioids.

Support: Alliance members say one of the most valuable outcomes of membership is the incredible support, friendships, and fun it provides.

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