About Lisa Queralt, TMAA President, 2019-20

Lisa was born in Los Angeles, but moved to Clear Lake City, Texas in 1968 when her father joined the Apollo program as a booster flight engineer. Art Puccetti’s NASA career would include three Apollo missions, training of the Skylab crew, and management of 14 Shuttle missions by the time of his retirement in 2010.

Lisa met her husband, John, while finishing her Bachelor of Science at Baylor Nursing School in Dallas. They married soon after he graduated from University of Texas Southwestern. That year, Lisa found her passion in Oncology while filling in as a Bone Marrow Transplant Coordinator. It was her calling!

Her husband’s Radiology Residency took them to Sacramento, CA, where they learned to sail, snow ski, and enjoy good wine. Camping in one of the nearby wilderness areas or exploring charming beach towns occupied their free time until their daughter, Andrea, came along. Lisa worked as an Oncology Nurse for a Home Health Care Agency, specializing in cancer and AIDS hospice care. She received her Master’s Degree in Nursing Education with a minor in Oncology from California State University. Meanwhile, John finished his MRI Fellowship in Long Beach, California. The Queralts decided it was time to return to their families and their Texas roots.

John went to work for Radiology Associates of North Texas in Fort Worth. They helped grow the practice by serving as its “recruiting couple” for many years.

Lisa stayed home to raise Andrea. Some free time allowed her to serve as the Advisor to the Theta chapter at TCU for 15 years, and fundraise for Cook Children’s Hospital.

Lisa has been an active member of Tarrant County Medical Society Alliance since 1995, serving in many Executive Board positions, including President. Her TMAA service includes Secretary, VP Community Health, VP Membership, and President-Elect. She currently serves on the TEXPAC Board.

Lisa is a breast cancer survivor since 2012. She has been a member of the same book club for 22 years where they are working their way through the classics, and a parishioner at Saint Andrew’s Catholic Church. She and her husband have a daughter who also is a nurse.