The Tarrant County Medical Society Alliance started in 1920, and nearly 100 years later it endures as a dedicated group of physicians and spouses. We have a diverse membership of friends, colleagues and volunteers with a common bond: Supporting Medicine in Tarrant County. We strive to serve our members with fun social events, support in times of crisis, leadership development opportunities and quality of life programs like Book Club, Drama Queens, and Hometown Explorers.

Our Mission Statement: To enhance the lives and health of Texans through cooperative programming with the Tarrant County Medical Society. To provide opportunities for member growth and development. To assist in developing friendly relations and mutual understanding among physicians, their families and the general public.

Advocacy in Action

  • Hard Hats for Little Heads: The Tarrant Alliance has organized Hard Hats for Little Heads events throughout the year to give away bike helmets to children in need and educates parents on the importance of helmets during sporting activities.

  • Be Wise Immunize: The Tarrant Alliance has immunized thousands of children at little or no cost to their parents over the years. Be Wise is a joint project with the Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant County, the TMA and the TMAA
  • Warm Hugs: The Tarrant Alliance has collected hoodies for children in need for the Center for Transforming Lives.

  • JPS Shower of Love: The Tarrant Alliance has collected baby items to give to new mothers at John Peter Smith Hospital.

  • Allied Health Scholarships: The Tarrant Alliance and Foundation provides scholarships to students in health fields who will serve our local medical community.
  • Project Access: We help support efforts of the Tarrant County Medical Society to fund Project Access, an initiative started in 2011 that coordinates specialty physicians and hospitals to give needed medical services to the uninsured and working poor in our community.

Fund Raisers


  • Annual Medicine Ball: The Tarrant County Medical Society Alliance and Foundation holds a glamorous Medicine Ball each year as the only major fund raising event for funding of its projects and scholarship programs. This elegant evening of dinner and dancing is the highlight of the year for Alliance members and supporting underwriters.

  • Doctor’s Tribute benefiting Project Access: Donors who contribute to Project Access Tarrant County by honoring their physician receive a yard or office sign, and the doctors who are honored receive a hand written note of thanks.

Legislative and Political Action

  • First Tuesdays at the Capitol: Every other year, when the legislative session is in place the Tarrant Alliance organizes a group of Alliance members, physicians, medical students and residents to attend First Tuesdays at the Capitol in Austin. First Tuesdays at the Capitol will take place on Feb. 5, March 5, April 2, and May 7, 2019. Register for First Tuesdays at the Capitol here.
  • The Tarrant Alliance actively encourages TEXPAC Membership and educates its members on legislative issues impacting medicine. You can sign up for TEXPAC here.



President: Margaret McDonald
President Elect: Tricia Schniederjan
Membership Chairs: Elizabeth McCurdy and Marisa Mercer
Community Health: Lynda Nunez
VP Programs: Ashley Pettibon and Jessica Fiesta
Communication Chair: Shelley Roaten
Legislative and Political Action Chair: Christel Chase
Secretary: Kelly Parsley
Treasurer: Kathy Coleman
Parliamentarian: Kathy Coleman
Budget and Finance: Caryl Cochrum
Representatives at Large: Sammie Maberry and Helen Todora
Past President: Layna Chase


Contact Information