A Message from President Sunshine Moore, Corpus Christi

Our spring weather has been so shifting this month – warm and gorgeous one day and requiring a coat the next. Typical spring behavior in many climates, but in south Texas, we often have only a few cold days in January, and the rest of the year is summer. Like the weather, my emotions have been a roller coaster. Don Read, MD, passed away a few weeks ago, and I was filled with sadness. I traveled a little with him and his wife, Roberta, during his TMA presidency. He was an incredible man, always joyous. And then, just a few days later, one of our TMAA board members, Chris McGilvery, announced that his wife, Taryn, had delivered their second child, a perfect baby boy. I am filled with joy for his family.

My oldest child, Mia, will turn 18 in a few weeks; she is getting ready to graduate from high school and move off to the dorms at college. Of course, we are tremendously proud of her, but also taken aback – how can we have done all of this? Can’t she stay a baby forever? In life, like in spring weather, we have days where we want to bask in the sun, and days where we wish we could hide under the blankets. But we have to embrace all of our various feelings. We have to value the time we have with each other. We must welcome changes and new faces, and try out new ideas. We must celebrate not only our own accomplishments, but also those of others. We can’t cling to any one feeling or moment in time. As if we were a child on the monkey bars, we have to learn to let go of one rung with one hand in order to swing to the next rung and move forward. It’s more fun than just hanging in there.

We have been actively planning ALLMED, looking at county alliance accomplishments, reflecting on our year in the Alliance, writing reports, and putting together discussion panels and speakers in hopes of educating and entertaining our members from across the state who attend ALLMED. We sincerely hope YOU will attend. We want you to come be with each other – to value your time together, perhaps make some new friends, share your growing pains, celebrate your accomplishments, and hear some great ideas that you might take home to try out in your Alliance. We will introduce membership strategies, have a panel discussion on opioid awareness, celebrate award-winning programs, and much more.

Around the State

We didn’t travel much in March, but April is very busy. Dallas, Abilene, Temple, and Austin are all on the calendar.

First Tuesdays at the Capitol in April was off the charts! It was medical student month, and there must have been about 200 students in attendance. They had a great time, and that tells me that they are going to come back in future sessions to keep it up. We’ve got only one more First Tuesday this legislative session, so join us on May 7 if you can.