The TMA Alliance will benefit from smoother operations, greater efficiency, and enhanced communications, thanks to thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours the Texas Medical Association has contributed.  

Over the summer, TMA leadership put together a solid foundation to help the Alliance accomplish its goals of advocacy, membership retention and development, and community outreach.   

  • New and improved data. TMA Membership Operations Director Mike Hebert is now in charge of TMA Alliance’s membership files, membership processing, and dues billing. His team spent the summer updating the Alliance data for improved efficiency.
  • Real-time membership information. With improved data, the Alliance will know exactly how many members it has at any one time and who has paid membership dues.
  • Real-time dues billing. Individual Alliance chapters no longer have to collect membership dues by hand. Instead, dues will be collected and processed through a bank lock-box. In October, TMAA will send a renewal email to each member for whom we have a current email address. Recipients can easily renew and pay online. Dues invoices will be mailed to those members whom we do not have an email address and later to members who have not paid online.
  • Meeting logistics and management: TMAA’s team provides management services to more than 20 specialty societies and professional organizations. Sasha Khalifeh is dedicated solely to Alliance activities and is the Alliance’s primary contact for meeting logistics and administrative support. Contact her at
  • New website: Grant McInnes, director of TMA Business Intelligence and Software Development, is currently working on a brand new website for the Alliance. It’s still under construction and will be fully operational in 2019, with pages for each county alliance. Sasha will coordinate website updates.
  • Finance support: Dale Kilsby will continue overseeing and managing the TMAA annual budget and finances. 
  • Communications: Alliance members across the state will receive more timely information about Alliance activities. TMA Alliance Monthly Memo is now sent statewide.
  • Advocacy support: Pam Udall, a 10-year veteran of TMA communications and advocacy, will support Alliance grassroots advocacy activities. She also will serve as the primary contact for TMAA leadership beginning January 2019.
  • Community outreach: TMA communication staff will continue to provide turnkey support for programs that any county alliance can host locally. To hold a Hards Hats for Little Heads or Be Wise — ImmunizeSM event in your community, contact To host a Walk With a Doc event, contact

 Be Wise — Immunize is a service mark of the Texas Medical Association.

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