Allies in Medicine Guidelines

TMAA's Allies in Medicine program connects TMAA members with resident and early-career spouses. Many of these people are new to the community with little knowledge of the area and few connections to the family of medicine. TMAA wants to provide a lifeline to these spouses and help them to feel welcome and connected to their new community, as well as demonstrate how TMA and TMAA can be of value.

Ally Responsibilities

As an Ally in Medicine, we are asking for a 3-month commitment. During that 3-month period, you will be expected to complete a minimum of three items from the checklist below.

After signing up as an Ally in Medicine, TMAA will send you contact information for 1-2 resident and/or early-career spouses. Upon receiving this information, you should reach out to your young alliance member and complete one of the following:

  • Call and introduce yourself
  • Share your medical-career story (describe the obstacles you had to overcome)
  • Let them know the Alliance is here to provide community connections (in all areas of their life), introduction to TMA and TMAA and its benefits, such as advocacy, community outreach-volunteer opportunities, and more ...
  • Introduce them to the TMAA Enrichment Series program and ask them to participate in the monthly program. Let them know how it can be of value to them.
  • Invite them to an Alliance Zoom or in-person meeting
  • Give them your list of community connections/support - hairdresser, dog sitter, baby sitters, veterinarian, etc.
  • Invite them over for drinks, dinner, etc.
  • Meet them for lunch, brunch, dinner
  • Pay their Alliance dues. If they are a resident you will only need to pay county dues, since TMAA picks up the state portion

Plan to complete at least one of the above items each month for the duration of your commitment. You are welcome to do more than three, or to come up with your own ways of reaching out and building a connection with your new young alliance member.