TMA Knowledge Center

The TMA Knowledge Center staff can help you renew your TMA Alliance membership by phone, retrieve log-in information, update your contact information, and more. If you have a question about TMA or the practice of medicine, they are your go-to source for information. Call (800) 880-7955, email, or submit an online request.


TMA Foundation

The TMA Foundation is TMA’s philanthropic arm, devoted to raising funds to support the population health, science, and quality-of-care priority initiatives of TMA and the Family of Medicine. TMAF secures funding for TMA’s outreach programs and provides grants and matching scholarship opportunities for local alliance chapters.


Texas Medical Association

The Texas Medical Association, established in 1853, is the largest state medical association in the nation, boasting more than 57,000 members statewide spread across some 110 county medical societies. TMA’s vision is “improving the health of all Texans.” TMA, along with the TMA Alliance and the county medical societies, compose the Family of Medicine and work collectively to protect the future of medicine and improve the health and lives of Texans.


TMA Physicians Benevolent Fund

The Physicians Benevolent Fund (PBF) provides financial assistance to Texas physicians and their families in times of personal hardship. Since 1961, the fund has helped physicians who have ended up in desperate financial situations because of a life-changing event or illness. If you know medical families in need, contact PBF staff to make confidential referrals. Or email PBF if you find yourself in need or would like more information.