The Party of Medicine is an award-winning peer-to-peer education and recruiting tool set in a social gathering.

Audience: Physicians AND spouses
  • Not members of Society or Alliance
  • Not members of TEXPAC
  • Not participating in advocacy
  • Educate about importance of medical advocacy
    • What advocacy is, why it is important
    • Legislation that occurred last session and how it affects them
    • How state PAC worked and dispel myths
    • Increase membership for state PAC
    • Increase participation in Alliance led advocacy events
  • Membership
    • Use advocacy as a method of recruiting new Alliance and Society members
    • Use advocacy to dispel myths of what Alliance is…
    • We are more than ladies who lunch
    • Show the value of membership
    • Strengthen the Society/Alliance bond
How we made it happen:
  • Personally invited our friends
  • Provided food and drinks
  • Set the Stage with signs scattered about the area about advocacy
  • Social hour for 45 minutes then the presentation
  • Shared our WHY of why we advocate
  • David Letterman style countdown of Top Ten Reasons to Join
  • Wrap up with a specific ask
How did it work for us?
  • 95% of participants joined TexPac…$10k raised in memberships
  • New members for both the Alliance and the Society
  • Alliance members that now participate in regular and advocacy events
  • A change in attitude for some about what the Alliance is
How can it work for you?
  • Try it…You have nothing to lose and I am here to help!
  • It is easily adaptable to your county or state
  • It is low/no cost….just printing for signage and snacks.
  • It promotes the value of belonging to the Alliance.
Interested in hosting your own Party of Medicine? Email Pam Udall and learn how you can support the practice of medicine through advocacy. Funding is available to help support your event.