The Allies in Medicine (AIM) program was founded to help the spouses of medical residents and early-career physicians connect with alliance members for fellowship, networking, community connection, and insider knowledge on how to navigate the life of a medical family. Alliance members have walked in your shoes and know the many challenges you are facing today. They will provide the support and tips you need to survive and thrive in these changing times. There are many free resources available to you, such as the Texas Medical Association's Knowledge Center, hundreds of educational sessions, and TMAA's very own Enrichment Series, which provides monthly educational webinars on topics such as dealing with uncertainty, conflict management, financial planning, and more.

How it Works

As a resident or early-career spouse, you can fill out this form to let us know your needs and interests. Are you new to the community and looking for support and recommendations on community resources for you and your family? Do you need help identifying a financial manager, lawyer, or access to professional guidance on employment opportunities? Would like to get involved with legislative advocacy; or do you just want to talk to someone who understands what you're going through?

Once we have your responses, we will identify the Ally who can best meet your needs. Your Ally will get in touch with you and help you get situated in your new community.

Get Involved as an Ally

If you are a current alliance member and would like to volunteer as an Ally, email Pam Udall. Guidelines for Alliance Allies may be found here.


"When I first moved to Lubbock, I sat by a person at a luncheon who asked me what I did for a living and then inquired what my husband's occupation was. When she heard that he was a physician and that my background was in bookkeeping, she told me I had to join the Alliance and be her treasurer for her board. She invited me to the next event and I was proclaimed the treasurer. The following year I was elected president. At my first event as president, I met Nancy Neal, a past president of both the local alliance and TMAA. She helped me to make sure I knew who to invite to all of our alliance events, engaged prospective members by sitting by them at meetings, and guided me through some delicate leadership situations during that year. She has continually encouraged me to pursue my journey and stay involved in the Alliance. Nancy has helped me plug into and become a part of the Lubbock community. I couldn't ask for a better cheerleader and lifelong friend." -Libby White, Lubbock