The Physicians Benevolent Fund

When they have nowhere else to turn, TMA Family members can receive short- or long-term financial assistance through The Physicians Benevolent Fund (PBF). Share this valuable resource with friends or colleagues who may need assistance, or request funds if you find yourself in need. Texas physicians and their immediate family members receive monthly support for mounting health care bills, basic utilities, mortgage/rent, and other necessities. TMA strives to protect the anonymity of applicants/recipients.

Guidelines for applying:
  • Applicants must be licensed Texas physicians or their immediate family members currently residing in the state.
  • Physician applicants must be in good standing with the Texas Medical Board.
  • Applicants must display personal financial need, i.e., funds are not granted to medical practices with financial needs.
  • Recipients cannot hold in liquid assets more than the current Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines for income.

    Read about PBF recipient Alison Brown, MD.

    PBF Wellness Fund

    The COVID-19 pandemic has drained physicians’ emotional resources. In addition, some struggle with alcohol and other substance-use disorders. If you know a physician who is stretched beyond his or her limits and needs treatment, TMA’s PBF Wellness Fund is here to help. Qualified physicians can receive financial support for treatment or to cover their family’s living expenses while undergoing treatment.

  • Applicants must be licensed Texas physicians currently residing in the state.
  • Physicians may apply if they are unable to afford treatment for mental or substance-use disorders, or other potentially impairing conditions, or unable to meet household expenses while in treatment.
  • Applicants must provide verification of financial need, i.e., inability to secure a loan in the commercial marketplace.

  • For more information about PBF or the PBF Wellness Fund or to make a referral, email Chris Johnson, PBF director, or call her at (800) 880-1300, ext. 1602.