2022-23 TMAA Board of Directors

TMAA President Libby White
President: Libby White, Lubbock
President-Elect: Elizabeth Vanexan, Corpus Christi
President’s Special Advisor: Nancy Neal, Lubbock
Immediate Past President: Jennifer Lewis, San Antonio
VP of Membership: Joi Smith, Tyler
VP-Elect of Membership: Jenny Shepherd, San Antonio
VP of Community Health: Kelly Michaels, Tyler
VP of Legislative Affairs: Christel Chase, Fort Worth
VP of Future Planning: Lisa Drever, Longview
VP of Fiscal Affairs (Treasurer): Martha Howell, Temple
VP-Elect of Fiscal Affairs: Lori Boies, San Antonio
Recording Secretary: Mariko Elvin, Corpus Christi
Parliamentarian: Mercedes Dossa, Corpus Christi
APT Representative: Hannah Baker, Lubbock
Revisions & Guidelines: Imani Allen, Lubbock

To contact a member of the TMA Alliance Board of Directors, please email pam.udall@texmed.org, or call (512) 370-1357.
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Advisory Committee

Jennifer Lewis, San Antonio
Martha Vijjeswarapu, San Antonio
Lisa Queralt, Fort Worth

Resource Liaisons

Jenny Stern, Austin
Lori Benold, Austin
Jean Harris, Tyler
Lori Urso, Arlington
Terry Lopez, Amarillo

Nominating Committee

Lori Boies, Bexar
Lori Urso, Tarrant
Martha Howell, Bell
Jenny Shepherd, Bexar