What is TMAA?

The Texas Medical Association Alliance (TMAA) is a group of individuals passionate about protecting the future of medicine through community service and legislative advocacy. Founded in 1918 by physician spouses, the Alliance has grown to include physicians, residents, and medical students. TMAA provides a community of support, mentorship, and lasting friendship in the Family of Medicine.


At the heart of TMAA is the strong sense of community. Alliance members understand the challenges facing the family of medicine through each stage of a physician's career. From the struggles of medical school and residency to the stresses of a career as a full-time physician, Alliance members provide mentorship, valuable networking, and, most importantly, unwavering support.


TMAA serves as the grassroots advocacy arm of the Texas Medical Association. With 18 active chapters across the state, the Alliance works to build relationships with legislators and to ensure they are current on issues affecting patients in their district. Since launching First Tuesdays at the Capitol in 2003, the Alliance has empowered thousands of physicians, medical spouses, and medical students to advocate for the future of medicine. Now, TMAA is introducing First Tuesdays in the Districts, connecting Alliance members, physicians, and medical students with their local legislators.

Giving Back

For decades, Alliance members have worked to improve the health of Texans. TMAA brings TMA-sponsored programs like Hard Hats for Little Heads, Walk With a Doc, and Be Wise - Immunize to their communities, in addition to promoting TMAA's own initiatives. In spring of 2019, TMAA launched an Opioid Take Back Symposium, providing drug disposal kits and informational brochures to attendees and bringing speakers to share firsthand experience and expertise on addiction. TMAA is also piloting the Texas BookShare program, where physicians "prescribe" books to children to educate them on healthy lifestyles.



Regular: $50.00
Member-at-large: $50
Retired: $25
Widow/Widower: $10
Resident: FREE
Medical Student: FREE

Membership runs from January through December. Local dues are determined by county.

TMAA Billing Schedule

 Sept. 20 Emailed statement
 Oct. 2 Auto-renewal (for those opted in)
 Oct. 11 Mailed statement
 Oct. 18 Emailed statement
 Nov. 2 Auto-renewal (if first attempt failed)
 Nov. 29 Emailed statement
 Dec. 13 Mailed statement
 Jan. 17 Emailed statement*
 Feb. 21 Emailed statement
 Feb. 28 Mailed statement
 March 31 Drop date

*This is the first statement physician alliance members will receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There are two ways to do this:
1) You can look up the medical license number here.
2) If you do cannot find the license, or if your spouse/partner is a resident and does not yet have a license assigned, you can leave that field blank and proceed.
Please contact the TMA Knowledge Center at (800) 880-7955, or Jose Melendez at (512) 370-1390.
If you receive this error, that means that you already have an account in our system. Head to the Sign In page and use the 'Forgot Password' button to reset your password.
Yes. Just save your account information (email and password) and log in at any time, then click "Renew" at the top-right corner of the screen.
TMAA dues are vital to preserve the infrastructure of the organization. TMAA provides support to your county chapter by managing member data, handling dues billing, planning meetings, running the TMAA website and county chapter pages, distributing communications via the Monthly Memo, and much more. TMAA also provides training and support to county leadership and helps develop and implement the programs that your county runs within your community.