TMA Alliance members are actively involved in political and legislative activities on behalf of medicine and public health issues. In recent years, the Alliance has worked to educate voters about issues affecting Texas health care and the practice of medicine. Members have become active in the campaigns of candidates who are receptive to medicine's goal of the best, most affordable health care for all Texans.

TMA and TMAA members remain actively involved in legislative issues even when the Texas Legislature isn't in session. Alliance members and physicians worked tirelessly manning phone banks and walking door-to-door to get out the vote for TEXPAC-endorsed candidates running in tight races. During the bi-annual First Tuesdays at the Capitol, TMA's award-winning grassroots lobbying program, more than 1,000 physicians, Alliance members, medical students, and others converge on the Capitol to meet with their legislators regarding issues such as immunizations, the sanctity of the physician/patient relationship, women's health, GME funding, and many other issues affecting the practice of medicine and the patients of Texas.

It's easy to stay up to date on the Texas Legislature and TEXPAC candidate endorsements by signing up for TMA's Legislative News Hotline. The hotline is delivered each day during the legislative session, and monthly during non-session years. A weekly recap, delivered each Friday, also is available. To subscribe, send an email to TMA's Knowledge Center.

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